Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver to?

Emo Oil delivers throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Simply call 0800 685 685, this will automatically put you in touch with your closest depot.

Want to go paperless?

Want to reduce your paper consumption? Make the switch to e-invoicing today by emailing with your name and account number and we'll do the rest.

What do I need to know about the Oil Storage Regulations?

Oil Storage Regulations affect fuel users who store more than 200 litres of oil above ground.

These changes were introduced as in 2000 a sixth of all pollution incidents occurred through the incorrect storage of oil. Spills are toxic to plants and animals, while leaks into rivers can decimate the river population.

Make sure you are covered, by taking a look at these guides with this guide produced by the Environment Agency: Be safe with your oil

How can I detect leaks and thefts?

The best advice is to regularly check the levels of your oil tank.

As well as making sure you have enough fuel, this will also let you know if the level changes suddenly.

You could also purchase a Watchman alarm, which will sound an alert when there is a dramatic drop in your oil level, detecting a leak or theft.

What can I do to control a spill?

Make sure you have an appropriate spill kit to minimise any effects on the environment.

Find out more about spill kits call your local depot on 0800 685 685.