Emo Oil urges 'Don't get left out in the cold this winter'

November 2012

With winter fast approaching, and forecasts already predicting icy temperatures, Emo Oil, distributor of heating oils and fuels across England and Wales, is urging local homes and businesses reliant on oil for heating and hot water, to think ahead this winter season.

The company has launched its winter push to encourage customers, particularly those based in remote rural communities, to get their orders in early and ensure they are able to cope with the expected temperature drop.

Anthony Saunders, regional manager at Emo Oil, said: “Oil users need to take note of the unpredictable weather conditions over the past few years and ensure they are comfortably ahead of the game, as it is likely we will see the same changeable pattern of weather this winter. 

“While the sun is out, stocking up on oil for winter is often the last thing on a customer’s mind, but ordering well in advance is not only beneficial, but crucial for rural communities, who rely on this fuel for vital warmth over the unforgiving winter months. Driving any vehicle containing fuel on icy roads is a dangerous task, and despite the committed efforts of our staff and drivers, some situations are just too unsafe for both us and our customers.

“We want heating oil users to think ahead so they can be stocked-up before the first flakes fall!”

The sentiment is also being extended to Aberystwyth agricultural businesses, whose diesel requirements over the winter period should also be planned well in advance.

Anthony continued: “It is paramount that agricultural businesses ensure they have prepared for every weather eventuality. The last thing we want to see is local businesses grinding to a halt because they haven’t been able to receive an oil delivery due to tanker access becoming too difficult.”

For further information on boiler checks and to order oil, the friendly team at Emo Oil is available for all winter enquiries on 01970 617 655.